The “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards” – PCI DSS for short – are the worldwide valid security standards for cashless payment transactions of the leading international credit card organizations. This IT security standard defines mandatory technical and operational requirements for the storage, processing and transmission of cardholder data. This includes regular inspections of the safety systems and processes of the certified companies.


Our innovative dialogue and service centre manages all of your written and telephone communications efficiently. Of course we also cater for all other channels including online chat and social media.

We provide a mobile and flexible administration service. You retain full control as we ensure utmost transparency in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology. As a result, our team is fully integrated into your processes.

If you are looking for a genuinely flexible, high-performance and innovative service provider, then you have come to the right place – take a look for yourself!

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Services – we take the word literally

We provide bespoke solutions for a wide range of clients, from corporations to small businesses. As an innovative dialogue and service centre, we handle all communication channels and can also provide the requisite technology (programming).




Our employees communicate on your behalf in all European languages

Zentrale Vermittlung

Central agency

We act as your telephone exchange for national and international calls

Sekretariatsservice Sekretariatsservice Sekretariatsservice

Secretarial services

We take care of all your communications


Customer service

Relieve the strain on your staff by contracting us to filter incoming queries and respond directly at Level 1. This frees up your team to deal with other time-consuming work in peace


Back office

On request we not only process customer queries received in writing or by telephone, but also handle the entire process involving all downstream stakeholders, both internal and external

IT Support

IT support

We assume responsibility for your Level 1 and Level 2 support including direct connections to external systems. On request, we can also design individual applications tailored to your needs



If you wish, you can outsource an entire department while retaining an immediate overview of every process step we undertake



Sales support

If required, we assume budgetary responsibility and develop sales channels


Customer satisfaction analysis

We conduct and evaluate surveys quickly and reliably in all European languages



Review compliance with your process instructions at all external contact points


Market research

We conduct studies on your behalf in relation to market potential analysis and associated areas



As part of your sales team, we schedule your sales representatives’ appointments


Our clients are our best references

Corporations, medium-sized businesses and small companies from a variety of industries have already opted to use our services. They rely on our analyses, recommendations and efficient support for their wide-ranging business activities. We use new technology where appropriate to do so. Our aim is to generate long-term added value for our clients. We believe that a partnership-style relationship creates a solid basis for shared success.


IT support | Local authorities | Tourism | Commercial shipments | Building services | Management consultancy | Health insurance companies


Innovative transparency in dialogue and service

Live monitoring ensures maximum transparency

We provide individual reports and all important KPIs live at any time upon request. This gives you real-time information about the current status of a project.

State-of-the-art technology for optimum customer service

In conjunction with our partner PRODYNA AG, we use artificial intelligence and automated document recognition to achieve greater efficiency, maximum functionality, and to provide a wealth of new services.


Live charts

We provide you with online access to the live data from our telephone system in relation to your project. You can even use this tool to create and export your own forecasts with freely definable parameters.


WAV files

In projects which involve a recording (with the consent of the caller), we can provide you with the files via a secure connection if so requested. We also supply a wide range of analytical tools.



We can develop databases in line with your specifications, access external databases or, if required, operate the relevant interfaces. You will receive unrestricted access if the databases are stored on our systems.


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