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Financial accounting is an important part of your business. It is the decisive basis for the amounts that you can distribute to your shareholders, for decisions of banks whether to grant a credit line and, in the end, also for the assessment of your taxes. To ensure that there are no avoidable errors in any of these points and that the correct decisions can always be made on the basis of the data, give the task to us. Our experts take care of checking the documents, account assignment and final posting in accordance with legal standards. Of course, according to your wishes, this also includes the recording of fixed assets as well as the clarification of property, plant and equipment accounts and personal accounts. We clarify points with your suppliers and customers, ensuring that your figures are clean and meaningful at all times.

Our experts are also happy to take on the responsible tasks that payment transactions offer. Here it can start for you with a simple check of bank receipts and payments and the associated clarification of your general ledger and personal accounts. On the next level, we suggest which items are due for payment in the short term, how you can use discounts as efficiently as possible to preserve your liquidity and whether your customers are paying their invoices on time. Or do you want to have nothing to do with payments at all? Then you are welcome to leave the entire payment transaction, including the authorization of payments, in our hands. We will ensure that all supplier invoices are paid on time at all times, direct debits to your customers are provided on time and you are thus relieved of this process to the maximum.

When customers do not pay, this is always a difficult situation for you. On the one hand, you want to receive your money, but on the other hand, you do not want to jeopardize the good relationship with your customers. In this situation, tact and, ideally, a neutral third party are required. We will gladly take on this role for you. We discuss the desired process with you or set it up with you if there is currently none. On this basis, we then create payment reminders and dunning letters, but always with the aim of achieving a reasonable solution with the customer.

We create your invoices according to your specifications. This allows you to focus entirely on the processes that are actually of economic importance to you. In this area, too, a clean elaboration of your requirements for this process is indispensable. This way, our experts always know exactly what information you need to collect and can help your customers feel comfortable, even if the document they receive is an invoice.

From the aforementioned services, we naturally build you a meaningful reporting system. How is the profitability of your company developing? How is the liquidity? Are there outliers that could not be identified so far? If you recognize a problem and make it visible, you have a much better chance of solving it successfully. Our reports are designed to enable you to do this. It does not matter to us whether the reports based on the classic BWA are sufficient for you or whether you have a cost center accounting system with which you control your company. We implement the reporting according to your wishes and specifications and ensure that your decisions can be fact-based.

We support you in planning your liquidity. Of course, this includes first of all planning based on the available invoices, both incoming and outgoing, with the corresponding agreed payment terms (short-term liquidity planning). In the second step, we create corresponding liquidity plans based on the planning of your company figures and point out any deviations.

You already have a strong team and are just looking for an addition or a replacement for an illness, maternity leave or parental leave? We would be happy to provide you with one of our experts on a full-time basis. We define in advance according to your requirements, what you expect from the corresponding employee, based on this, what competence profile and level is required and for what period of time you would like to deploy the employee. Based on this information, we build you a team of maximum five employees, one of whom is always available for you and keeps the other employees up to date. This way, this employee can be replaced at any time in case of illness or vacation.


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