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exciting AG is available on request 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day on your behalf for your customers and business partners.

As a service provider, we are used to working with your systems as well as finding our own solutions for your concerns. Talk to us!

Our locations are distributed in such a way that we cover almost all European languages. You want to offer customer service in different languages? Talk to us, we will be happy to support you and show you different possibilities to implement this in a time and cost saving way.

Create reliability. By providing your service in parallel in several European countries, you secure your communication channels against force majeure, such as waves of illness, network outages, etc.

Keep an overview, even if you outsource business processes. The reports and exports you receive from our systems show you second-by-second billing at exactly the intervals you need. - If you want to view and filter the results of our work yourself, e.g. via dashboards, this is also possible.

Use our skills in voice and call analysis. Recorded calls can be analyzed and searched through our systems via speech-to-text. Work with us to find the things in your customer communications that we can improve together to get top ratings and optimize first contact resolution rates.

Our quality measures are geared towards constantly re-examining things that have already been tested, as part of continuous improvement processes (CIP), and thus becoming better and better. All measures are logged and transferred into a PDCA cycle (Plan - Do - Check - Act). The basis of the measures are the KPI's of our clients, which are recorded in common quality documents.

Our quality management system has been certified by TÜV SÜD since 03/2020. The scope of the certification covers the provision of communication services and business process outsourcing (BPO) projects. The effectiveness of the certified processes is monitored by regular internal and external audits.

The credit card industry regularly audits the security of our systems against cyber attacks as part of PCI-DSS certification. In this context, exciting AG regularly provides successful proof of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in the latest version.

We keep project knowledge centrally available in one place for our employees. Digitally via our own FAQ databases, which we always use if you as the client do not want to use your own databases for this purpose, or if you want to set up a new channel with us, for example, and want to keep project knowledge here separately. You get comprehensive access to your areas in our databases, so that you can either access all areas easily and quickly or act as moderator or editor yourself.

Avoiding escalations and calming down upset customers is an art that many of our employees have mastered and, if necessary, train in special workshops. Use our escalation managers to meet your customers at eye level and avoid bad comments in social networks. We would be happy to develop a concept with you to proactively contact your customers in the event of imminent escalations.

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